SFI Affiliate Program

SFI affiliate program is the program that allows anyone of legal age in any part of the universe to become an SFI affiliate for free by filling out registration form. There is no rule or purchase requirements of any kind to became an SFI affiliate.

Once registered as an affiliate you are provided with a professional site for marketing SFI’s products on the internet. SFI affiliate program also provides all the necessary sale support services such as payment processing, product shipment and customer service to all the affiliate at no cost. Also it pays the referring affiliate a commission.

 Not to forget an additional commissions can be earned by leading and building affiliate groups. This happens when a sponsor or a co-sponsor provides a personal relationship to individual in their team.

By making sure every affiliate they sponsor has checked out the actions listed in the To Do List at their SFI homepage. These enable them as sponsors to be available, to provide friendly guidance and support to their team members wherever necessary.

Some Benefits of The SFI Affiliate Program

SFI affiliate program has a lot of benefits to the SFI affiliate some of these benefits are:

Direct commission: - this SFI affiliate program is powerful because each time you sign up an affiliate, they become your client for ever and    you earn 45% of the CV (Commission Volume) any time they place an order at triple click.com.  Also you earn the versa point on the order. This always gives you extra shares of TripleClick executive pool.

Triple Executive Pool: - this pool provides a plain, simple and productive income stream that all affiliate can tap into every month. TripleClicks.com is one of the fastest growing e-commerce website in the universe and they put almost 40% of the CV of every sale into triple click pool for their affiliate to share in and the more versa point you accumulate the more you earn from the executive pool .

ECA Referral program: - just introduce companies that sell products to your ECA gateway. For each company that becomes approved by E-commerce associate program, earns you a ten percent of the CV on all of their sales at TripleClicks.com.

SFI affiliate program is interesting because all you have to do is to link an ECA to triple clicks and you are set to benefit for life. Every time anyone buys a product at triple clicks of your referred ECAs, you gain royalty.

Another benefit is that there no limit to how much you can get because it goes as wide as you want it. Also triple click.com has something for every person since it offers wide variety of products from all corners of the world. This makes selling products online exciting and productive.

Last but not least, by applying SFI affiliate program you can use different method to refer or sponsor some to become an SFI affiliate this are advanced methods, intermediate methods and beginner methods.

In advanced method you create a blog about internet marketing that would be of interest to potential SFI affiliates while in intermediate you post a free advert about SFI on sites and in beginner you send cards, tell friends through your SFI link and post flyers on public bulletin boards, gyms, college students union, and fitness centre.  

This what an ASFI affiliate is all about. If you think you can be a successful SFI affiliate, you can sign up on SFI website right now and start making mony online as an SFI affiliate right away.



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